​                                           FAST ITALIAN RED SAUCE
                                                 (Not for Italians Only!)

   3 T Olive Oil   (Extra Virgin, but we don’t judge)
   3-4 Cloves Garlic (minced)

   1 Medium Onion (diced) 
   1 Green* Pepper (diced) *pick your favorite color
   2 28oz Cans of Diced or Crushed Tomatoes
   1 6oz Can Tomato Paste 
   2T Dried Basil, Oregano (or any combination you like)
   Handful of Chopped Parsley

   Salt & Pepper to taste
   1 Lb. Pasta
   Parmesan Cheese, grated for Garnish
   Open a nice Red Wine. Let it breathe and pour a glass for

   yourself (Chef drinks first). Put a big pot of Water on to Boil.
   Pre-cut Garlic, Onions, and Peppers. (Makes Cooking Easier!)

   Over Medium heat, warm a large pan or deep skillet. Add Olive Oil, let warm, then

   add Garlic until fragrant, NOT browned. (Trust us; it can burn FAST!)
   Add Onions and Peppers. Stir, then Salt to season and sweat vegetables.
   After 4-5 minutes, when Onions are translucent, add Tomatoes. Stir,

   add Salt & Pepper to season a bit.

   Stir the Tomatoes. As they begin to simmer, add Tomato Paste (about half the can,

   but even more if you want a thicker sauce!)
   Add Basil (or Oregano AND Basil), and stir in and season a bit more to taste. Turn

   heat down to SIMMER! (It’s basically all done, and all that’s left is to let it get better

   while you cook the pasta.)

   When water is boiling, add Salt (2-3 Tablespoons) to help flavor the Pasta as it  

   cooks. Add Pasta and stir. Set timer for 10 minutes. The motion of the water boiling  

   will keep it moving, but stir frequently!

   Pour some more Wine (share it this time). Chop some Parsley (watch your fingers!)

   And breathe in some of the Aromas YOU created!
   Add some Parsley, and season Sauce once more to taste if needed.

   After 10 minutes, Drain Pasta, and carefully add Pasta to hot sauce and mix in.

   To serve, Put Pasta on plate, add some extra Sauce (you won’t be sorry), and top

   with Parmesan Cheese, Parsley, and Pepper if you like.

   Pour some MORE Wine, serve some crusty bread, light a candle, put on some

   Italian Music, and enjoy!